Business Activities


We started as a provider of piano moving service. We move your precious piano with the expertise and professional skills. In addition to offering excellent moving services, we provide tuning and maintenance service as well.
We provide services for the major moving companies and other common carriers in various fields, and we take orders on our web site also.

Piano image Piano image

Prestigious cars

We also transport imported/domestic prestigious cars e.g. Benz or BMW. The cars will be delivered to the destination on our specialized transit car safely and securely.

Transporting prestigious cars Transporting prestigious cars

Heavy Loads

We transport anything that an adult cannot carry alone. Not only transporting safes, garden rocks, bronze statues, or furniture and fixtures using vehicles, we move through stairs or in high-places using man-power, rear mounted crane, lift table, or crane car to the destination.

Transporting heavy loads Vehicle for Transporting heavy loads

Precise Equipment

More and more equipment, such as color copying machines or office computers, are now easily affected by small vibration. We make it our mission to move your equipment safely and accurately with vehicles equipped with air-suspension system.
Major manufactures have appointed us as their exclusive transport service provider, and we have proven worthy of their trust.

Trucks for Precise Equipment Moving precise equipment

High-place Work

We will make recommendations on the usage of various cranes tailored to the purpose. We have lift cranes for customers who are in need for cranes but has too many small items to lift one by one.

High-place Work High-place Work

Office Relocation

Our service are available on Saturdays and Sundays when you need to relocate furniture and fixtures or equipment when moving corporate branch, office, or in job relocation, or moving into new home.

Office Relocation Office Relocation

Start-up Business

We are working on development of start-up business that offers attentive and honest service; the best suited service for needs of customers.

For example...We have launched an administrative scrivener office.[Licensed in 2010]

We are making challenges in many other fields, too! Here are businesses we are preparing for;

  • Labor and Security Attorney
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant
  • Certified Travel Service Supervisor
  • Holder of License for Heavy Vehicles

We especially welcome applicants who are certified or working to be certified with such qualifications.

Consumer Dlectronics

When you want to move the consumer electronics, Do not you be in trouble? That's right. I will become more expensive movement of consumer electronics, and various reasons.

Implementation of "Regional contribution Service" in our company, we have service for a small fee, look no further than the move of consumer electronics.

Consumer Dlectronics